Hospitality Business Consultancy

CETA- Rwanda consultants will support our clients in sharing creative ideas for a competitive final product. The creation of CETA- Rwanda Business Consultancy department is driven by the fact that Investors have shown a great interest in getting the qualified professionals to guide them to maximize their sales through Yield Management, Marketing, Staff management, Food cost and beverage management among others. Our Consultancy is tailored to our clients’ vision, current and future trends, market demands and value for investment.

The concept broadly include:  Architectural design and environmental considerations as well as developing the product and service – identification of the most suitable product to develop on the identified site.

3 year projected plan – revenue & cost budgets, marketing strategy, human resources operating budgets and capital investment for expansion and growth.
Hotel Equipment – We help our client with the most suitable and energy efficient Kitchen and Laundry fit-out as well as other operating equipment and tools. Our expertise is extended to areas such as; FF & Es, lighting & entertainment and communication systems.

Management overview – We develop management tools such as the Standard Operating Procedures and pilot them, food & beverage products, accommodation/ room rates and other auxiliary support activities for more sales and product mix.

Competitor analysis – We analyze existing competitive facilities and research any future changes to ascertain market share for the proposed establishment. In this area we help the new entrants in the Salary and Benefits Survey to ensure that the Salaries and other benefits are benchmarked to the market averages.

CETA Rwanda has expertise in the following areas;

  • Investor and Operator Links
  • Support in contract negotiation with hotel operators ( Management, Leasing and franchise agreements)
  • Feasibility Studies, Site identification and Due diligence
  • Restructuring and turn around management
  • Market research analysis, best practice Analysis/ Competitor analysis
  • Brand development and Management
  • Public-private partnership coordination
  • Management Contracting