Hospitality Education and Training

CETA Rwanda training component was conceptualized as a response to skills gap that has been identified in the Skills audit report by the Rwandan Ministry of Public Service and Labour – (MIFOTRA) in 2013 which informed of a critical mass gap in the Hospitality Sector. We aim is to identify and train personnel in the industry, raising operational standards, owner awareness of the operational success as well as team performance and career progression. Our programs are tailor-made to each client’s needs and specific to the demand after the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and clients reviews. Training programs are for all hierarchy of staff with a lot of emphasis on quality and operational efficiency. Customer care/ Service Quality is a cross-cutting module in all our training programs. Trainings Office is based in Kigali with potential to reach the entire country and even beyond the boarders to reach other EAC member states.
Our Customer Care Training Modules are offered to the following entities: Hospitality establishments,  Food and Beverage Outlets,  Banks, other financial institutions,  Telecommunications,  Hospitals and Local Government entities and NGOs among others.

We provide Solutions for businesses and individuals; our customized training allows our clients to easily participate in training that suits their learning style and schedule.
Below is the process undertaken to help our clients and businesses contextualize their training;

Conducting Customer Satisfaction Review
CETA- Rwanda offers customer satisfaction reviews through mystery audit services for existing hospitality establishments and Food and Beverage outlets.
Our mystery audits are carried out by trained staff who will interact with our clients’ staff during everyday customer satisfaction and customer service situations. Their reports give our clients accurate and honest feedback. Hence, the owner or Manager is able to see what their establishment is doing well and where additional training or investment is required.
Each of our clients’ audits are customized to ensure their unique requirements are met so as to give the objective analysis required for desired results. We conduct a series of reviews as detailed below;

A. Customer Service Review

This will audit your establishment’s customer service delivery, we will send our trained mystery auditors as customers to analyse your services, products, controls and facilities (from an average customers perspective) and from the reports generated, we will be able to assist you to know where you stand in your customers eyes and identify areas for improvement. We then fix your problems using our highly trained and experienced Coaches.

B. Internal System Review

This will audit your establishment’s internal processes; we will send our trained staff as as a new employee to analyze your teams’ way of working, underlying feelings, general treatment and procedure during a period of time until all necessary data is collected.  In this way the weaknesses and Strength of the establishment are available for informed decision making hence the need to train, recruit or reward getting it from a fresh pair of eyes.

C. Competitors Survey

Upon request, we will audit your establishment’s competitors by sending trained auditors as customers to analyse how you compare to your competitors services, products, controls and facilities. The benchmark audit allows you to hear an unbiased opinion of what your competition is doing from a customers’ perspective and use this information to benchmark your establishment against competitors including products, services, pricing, Salaries and benefits etc...

Summary of activities related to Training

  • Sending or Receiving training proposal from us or our client
  • Conducting a Training Needs Assessment- TNA
  • Customized Content Development
  • Training delivery either on the job or off the job at the company state of art facilities
  • Module Assessment
  • Issuance of Certificates ( Graduation)
  • Follow up and conducting training effectiveness to improve on the training offer and develop advanced modules.

Our courses are into three categories;

  • Hospitality Technical Skills Training
  • Service Quality Training/Customer care
  • Professional Development Programs/ Courses such as; Barista Skills, Sommelier, Interviewing Skills etc.